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We Are full service Production
& Post-Production House

We help foster and expand the film and entertainment business as well as to help aspiring filmmakers fulfill their dream of making a motion picture from beginning to end.


The script is finalized into what will be shot along with the shooting schedule and budget. The actors will be cast, locations will be found, and crew will be hired. Then the director and director of photography will create a shot list and storyboard detailing how each scene will be approached.


Every night before the next day of shooting, call sheets are sent out telling the cast and crew where to arrive at shooting locations. Once there, the crew assemble the equipment, rig the lights and audio, block the shots with the actors, and begin the filming process. All digital files are backed up to hard drives.


The footage is sent to our non-linear editors, and the film is cut, visual effects are added, the film is color corrected, and audio mixed. The soundtrack of the film is scored and we prepare for the screening.

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What we do

We are here to completely bring to fruition your feature film, commercial, or music video from conceptualization to a final product.

Pre-Production Process

Script analysis

Script Breakdown - Shooting Budget - Storyboards
Shooting Scheduling - Shooting Script - Shooting Locations


Casting Sessions - Script reading and reherarsal meetings
Union Paperwork - Provide crew member options - Call sheets issued

Equipment & Gear

Provide Options for Cameras & Lenses
RED Cameras, Sony FS7, Canon7D, GoPro, etc.
Computer Equip. - Grip Truck Options - Production Office

Script Doctoring

We take your script and go through multiple read throughs. We put your script in the right format, Final Draft. We block the script so that way it hits the three-act structure: Beginning, middle, and end. We also structure your script to your price range. Be one of the guys to win one of our awards. We also do detailed feedback. Beat Sheet scripts to structure your script. Logline, short synopsis, long synopsis. Treatment. Book options and copyright.

Film Pitches

We will take your film and create a business plan, a budget, and a schedule for you to show prospective investors. Along with this, if you plan to do crowdfunding campaign, we will shoot your crowdfunding pitch video and help you develop your crowdfunding campaign including, but not limited to, Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and Seed&Spark.

Production Process

Day of the Shoot

Call sheets issued each day - Transport Equipment and set up upon arrival at location - Layout the set for Power.

Arrive on site

Block the shots and Prep the Actors - Dress the set - Layout Flags & Lighting - Wire the Actors & Check Sound.

Record and Transfer

Provide Options for Cameras & Lenses
RED Cameras, Sony FS7, Canon7D, GoPro, etc.
Computer Equip. - Grip Truck Options - Production Office

On The Set

Call sheets are distributed to the cast and crew to tell them when and where to arrive for each day of shooting. A typical day's filming begins with the crew arriving on set according to their call time. Actors have their own separate call times. While the crew prepare their equipment, the actors are put into wardrobe, makeup, and hair. Afterwards, the actors rehearse the script and blocking with the director and then the filming begins.

Film Crew

Our crew has worked on a multitude of Hollywood pictures and independent films around the world. With their experiences, our crew brings forth a strong knowledge of filmmaking, in effect, making the work on set as proficient as possible. Along with this, having worked together for many years, the entire crew works and collaborates like a family.

Post-Production Process

Non-Linear Editing & Sound

Final Cut Pro, AVID Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro
Pro-Tools, DaVinci Resolve for Color Correction

Motion Graphics & Digital Effects

Film Titles, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects
Digital Explosions, Gun Shots, Wire Removal, Rotoscoping

Animation & Compositing

2D & 3D Animation, Blue/Green Screen Compositing
Motion Tracking

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